Why use Ecogate®?

Ecogate® technology is proven to improve dust extraction efficiency for businesses worldwide.

With support from our team, you could help gain huge savings for your client's and receive a commission for bringing the system into their business.

Ecogate® is a microprocessor-controlled extraction optimisation system, employing a central control unit, the greenBOX®.

This technology ensures extraction systems are only in use when machinery is in operation.

When a production machine is turned on, a sensor signals the control unit to open a motorised gate and provide extraction for that particular machine. The controller then determines the optimum fan speed. Reducing average fan speed by around 20% and power consumption by nearly 50%.

This means there are no more fixed speed fans and power is only used when you need it, delivering huge energy savings for your client's business.


Money Saving

This smarter approach to power consumption means the Ecogate® ‘Extraction-on-Demand’ system can slash electricity bills by up to 80% (with an average of 62%). These savings mean your client’s Ecogate® system can pay for itself in just two years.

Your client's can monitor how much the system is saving via a server-based energy-saving evaluation system called DataMining™, which is available on an annual subscription basis. Ecogate® is incredibly flexible and can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of any working environment.

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