Thanks to our smart technology, there is no longer any need for wasteful and costly fixed fan speeds. The system delivers Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology via the Ecogate Power MASTER® unit, which is designed to optimise any Ecogate® extraction system. It can take control of your existing control plant system through a Modbus connection. The unit delivers:

  • Maximised energy savings - reducing fan speed by around 20% results in power consumption falling by nearly 50%
  • Continual adjustment of the fan speed as machines come on or off line

The technology behind the Ecogate Power MASTER® is adaptable to work well with your existing system, often avoiding the need for additional fans or ducting. A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) automatically adjusts the speed of the motor on your dust collection system's fan, reducing its electricity consumption.The flexibility of the setup means that the new extraction systems can be designed up to 40% smaller than is possible with conventional technology.


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