We offer a choice of Ecogate® control systems to suit your specific needs. The greenBOX 12® controllers are designed for workshops with one main extraction fan and up to 12 workstations. They can be serialised and work in tandem to control up to 24 machines.
Features include:

  • A compact design, measuring just 216 x 286 x 56mm
  • Fan Auto-Start – when an operator starts at any workstation, dust extraction starts automatically
  • Fan Auto-Stop - when all workstations are off, the fan will stop automatically.

The greenBOX NXT delivers state-of-the-art functionality using technology that powers modern smartphones. One of the unique features of the greenBOX NXT is the web browser-based analytics platform. The system has a Wi-Fi chip to allow smartphones or other internet-enabled devices to connect from anywhere in the world following secure authentication. The greenBOX NXT features:

  • On-demand fan speed modulation to match machine requirements in real-time
  • Attractive monthly reports on system performance via email
  • Secure remote access from any internet-connected device
  • Automatically controls up to 32 production machines on a single dust collection system
  • Real-time air velocity monitoring at all drops with Ecogate smart gates
  • Automatically maintains transport velocities in the ducting

For larger facilities, the greenBOX MASTER SRL® can control up to four extraction fans and as many as 180 workstations. Features include:

  • An industrial PC Control Unit
  • A heavy-duty touch screen monitor with dust & waterproof keyboard.
  • Internet connectivity for remote configuration and diagnosis.

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