Ecogate® Energy-Saving Upgrade for Nuttall

Alan Nuttall Ltd are one of the UK's leading retail shop fit-out specialists. They have reduced their dust extraction operating costs at their manufacturing site in Dudley, West Midlands, thanks to Ecogate® technology.

Their joinery workshop includes CNC (Computer Numerical Control) routers, edgebanders, a planer moulder, panel beam saw, sliding table panel saw and a wide belt sander, as well as a ripsaw, bandsaw, crosscut, thicknesser and three spindle moulders.

The woodwaste is dealt with by a powerful filter plant, which uses two extraction fans and a conveying fan. Authorised installer Dust Control Systems Ltd (DCS) was commissioned to carry out the work.

  • The old extraction system was originally set up to run at full load for all the shift hours, regardless of the number of woodworking machines in use.
  • The Ecogate® system features a greenBOX MASTER SRL® controller and individual motorised gates to 19 woodworking machines.
  • The new system is programmed to open selected gates to maintain proper airflow through the ductwork.
  • The system can be monitored and managed via remote internet access and includes functions to modify individual fan speeds and variable speed drive programming.
  • Thanks to Ecogate, Nuttall's have made energy savings of over 60%

"We are constantly looking for energy saving opportunities throughout the factory and retrofitting Ecogate® made sound business sense. Everyone is impressed with the system which provides us with 'on demand' extraction without wasting valuable energy. We can see exactly what we're saving on screen and, right from day one, readings were showing savings of 62%."

Bob Williams, works manager at the Dudley site

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