Broadstock Saves Power with Ecogate®

Thanks to Ecogate® technology, Broadstock Office Furniture Ltd have dramatically cut their dust extraction running costs. They are a major manufacturer of workplace, educational and catering furniture and have Ecogate® installed at their 53,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Macclesfield, Cheshire.

  • The new system was installed by authorised installer Dust Control Systems Ltd (DCS). They replaced two main extraction fans which had a total power rating of 59kW, which were installed to run continuously at full load for around 2,000 hours per year.
  • Our team estimated that installing Ecogate® would result in power savings of 60%. Six months on, analysis confirmed that savings had in fact exceeded this.
  • The new Ecogate system comprises two Ecogate Power MASTER® variable speed drive units, each with a greenBOX® 12+ central controller, and with motorised damper gates and sensors fitted to each of the six production machines.

“DCS were able to determine the total extraction demand for all of our high performance machines in the workshop as well as for two clean-up hoses. They then were able to identify how the individual systems could be adjusted for volume and duty cycle, with the aim of lowering the average total volume and, therefore, our power usage."

Andrew Gill, Facilities Manager at Broadstock

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