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Ecogate® is a proven cost-effective system to improve the energy-efficiency of dust extraction equipment worldwide. There are hundreds of installations with over 20,000 Ecogates currently in use and you could be part of helping businesses become more efficient, as a member of our reseller program.

If you you have customers who require or have existing extraction systems, becoming a reseller could be mutually beneficial for all parties. The Ecogate® technology provides businesses with a system that gives them control over extraction to ensure it is only running when you need it.

Not only does this drastically reduce the use of power, but the amount of money saved can mean the system pays for itself in two years. Resellers who do not have the internal skills to install and commission can take advantage of these services from Ecogate Ltd at pre-agreed rates or by becoming an introducer.


All resellers will be given training by our expert team of engineers, to learn how to get the best from the Ecogate® range.

We recommend that an Ecogate® engineer initially attends during a visit to a prospect and helps go through the information retrieval stage.

Ecogate® will produce template quotations for resellers to include with their own documents.

The first few installation projects would be carried out by the Ecogate® teams but will be shadowed by your own engineers. This is to provide sufficient support until they are ready to carry out future installations with little or no involvement from Ecogate®.

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