Welcome to Ecogate Ltd

The Distributor for ECOGATE® in the UK and Europe

Ecogate Ltd is the new centre for distribution of The ECOGATE® System – a proven energy-saving extraction optimisation system developed by California-based Ecogate, Inc.

Ecogate Ltd has been established as a provider of Ecogate products and services to dust and fume extraction manufacturers and installers throughout the UK and Europe. Authorised Installers can purchase the complete Ecogate product range including variable speed drives and cabling. Ecogate Ltd offers its partners training on energy-saving surveys, installation and commissioning. And, for those not wishing to take on those responsibilities, Ecogate will carry out the processes on their behalf.


In many manufacturing facilities, as little as 50% of dust-creating machinery may be in operation at any given time, but dust extraction plant usually runs at full capacity, with fixed fan speed, all of the time.
The result is an extraction system which is likely to be consuming more electricity than all the lights and all the machinery put together.

Installing the proven ECOGATE ‘Extraction-on-Demand’ system will slash electricity bills by up to 80% and will typically pay for itself in just two years.